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Absolute Wine recommends fine local wines of the Central Loire district including:

Sancerre AOC

White (Sauvignon blanc) - the Sauvignon, crisp, fruity yet complex

Red (Pinot noir) - red fruits, first rate-lunch-time drinking

Rosé (Pinot noir) - top flight summer refreshing pink

Pouilly Fumé AOC

White (Sauvignon blanc) - elegant, floral with excellent minerality

Menetou Salon AOC

White (Sauvignon blanc) - apple and citrus notes

Red (Pinot noir) - good acidity and strawberry/cherry notes

Les coteaux Giennois

White (Sauvignon blanc) - surprisingly good standard

Red (Pinot noir) - reliable red

Rosé (Pinot noir) light and fruity pink

These wines are grown in the area known as the 'Land of Inspiration'. They can fill your glass with a symphony of flavours.

The whites are known for their floral grassy tones (including asparagus) and with crisp fruit character. The wines generally have distinct mineral tones and can be surprisingly complex and rich.

The reds make excellent food wines. They tend to be aromatic with good balance between fruit and acidity.

The roses are fresh and appealing that sing of summer sunshine.

Many wine makers in the Centre Loire have invested heavily in new technology such as temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Vine planting and wine production is strictly limited to maintain high quality.

Yet a range of soil types, different vinification methods and the varied climate mean wines vary with both vintage and domain.

Absolute Wine can guide you through these complexities. But you remain the final arbiter of taste. It is a journey made in a relaxing and unpressured atmosphere.

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