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11/07/2013 - Chinese basics

We are all familiar with recent Chinese economic development. In response to a perceived demand French wine makers have exhibited their wares in the Far East especially in Hong Kong. This has further stimulated interest in high quality French wine and as a result we have had Chinese wine buyers visit the vineyards of Sancerre. Last month a group of twenty Chinese wine buyers made their first visit. They were very enthusiastic but clearly had a lot to learn. This made some of us old hands think again about what makes Sancere such a great wine. Is it the punchy fruit flavours including ripe gooseberry? Is it the pungent floral qualities? Is it the flinty minerality? Is it the long after-flavours that linger in the mouth? Well, it is the combination of all these things. The Chinese have begun to discover it too! Some Sancerre is already being exported to China and we can expect this trend to continue in the years ahead.
Posted on 11/07/2013 at 08:14AM

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