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24/06/2013 - Bonfire Night

This weekend we have again witnessed the traditonal lighting of bonfires. This is to mark St John's Day which occurs at the time of midsummer (the longest day and shortest night). During the previous week men cut down grass and others built bonfires. On Saturday evening villagers gathered as fires were lit on the hillsides above the wine villages. At Chavignol the 'Sabotee Sancerroise' folk dance and music team made merry with ancient songs. People brought picnic food and wine was used to toast the season. Looking across the tops of the 'Cotes' we could see many fires blazing and grou;s of people, young and old, marking the passing of the summer. We hope that this will bring us good fortune in the days ahead as we look for a little more sunshine to ripen the grapes.
Posted on 24/06/2013 at 09:30AM

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