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05/06/2013 - Andre Dezat R.I.P.

Today is a sad day in Sancerre as we witness the funeral of the great man Andre Dezat known locally as 'P'tit De'. After the Second World War he was one of the leaders of a new group of winemakers that pushed up the quality of making in a big way introducing innovations and teaching others how it should be done. He did much to promote the good name of Sancerre across the world. He was a wise sage, a gentleman, an entrepreneur and a helpmate to many. He was President of the Viticole Union of Sancerre from 1962 until 1989 and was also elected Mayor of Verdigny for more than 30 years although he was originally born in Maimbray, Sury-en-Vaux. Many times his wines have won medals and awards for their finesse and elegance. He also bought land across the Loire in Pouilly and made a considerable reputation with his superb Pouilly Fume. His sons continue the great work of their father. But P'tit De will be sorely missed.
Posted on 05/06/2013 at 01:31PM

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