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16/06/2012 - Uncle Sam drinks Sancerre

The current economic downturn has had an effect on Sancerre wine exports. Sales to Britain has tailed off while it has held up in other continental markets. The U. K. has traditionally been one of the largest importers of Sancerre. Consequently winemakers have been searching for new markets. Due to anti-French patriotism following the Iraq war of 2003, which the French government refused to support, the wine slaes to the U.S. fell dramatically. However, with a change of French President in 2007 and French troops sent into Afghanistan the United States wine market has opened up again. This year a number of Sancerre wine makers have personally exhibited their wines in America and importers have responded with large orders. Wine is now on the menus of restaurants in New York and Boston but also is drunk in the reitrement condominiums of Flordia. Drink up Uncle Sam!
Posted on 16/06/2012 at 03:15PM

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