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Absolute Wine was founded by John McDermott to promote wine knowledge. He first tasted wines along the Loire Valley in 1967. He has over 40 years experience of French vineyards. He has also gained wider understanding from visits to vineyards in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

John has received formal training with the world's leading wine educator Wine and Spirit Education Trust and also from leading American wine-expert Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan. He has gained further experience from growing his own vines.

John has received Masters Degrees from both Cambridge and London Universities. He has had over 25 years teaching experience.

John aims to act as your consultant and coach but leaving each person to make ultimate judgments about individual wines.

Absolute Wine was established to help wine-lovers enjoy wine more fully in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

John and Absolute Wine wish you a happy and enjoyable visit.

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