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Absolute Wine is conscious of the need for the continuous review of health and safety issues.

Absolute Wine is committed to implementing strict hygiene control in regarding the consumption of public food and drink.

Absolute Wine reminds its clients of the strict local drink-driving regulations.

Clients should pay attention to BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) limits:

Country:Milligrams per litre of blood:
New Zealand80
United Kingdom80
United States80

Absolute Wine supports sensible drinking guidelines.

Clients should be aware of the recommendations for adult low-risk consumption of alcohol:

Ministry officials suggest the following guidelines:

FRANCE Ministry of Health: UNITED KINGDOM Department of Health:
1 unit = 10 mgs alcohol (pure ethanol) 1 unit = 8 mgs alcohol
Max consumption: Max consumption:
Men 3 units per day Men 3-4 units per day (21 per week)
Women 2 units per day Women 2-3 units per day (14 per week)

Absolute Wine supports alcohol safety campaigns.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous to health.

Alcohol should be consumed with moderation.

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